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The law can be complicated. So let’s make this simple. We understand real estate law. We understand how it can affect communities, condos, homeowner associations and property owners. Most importantly we understand that you need someone who has seen your situation before to guide you through the legal issues before you.

That’s what we offer our clients at PeytonBolin. Specifically we offer general counsel, legal representation, collection services, and even litigation and defense when necessary.

See the categories below for additional information.

General Counsel Hourly

If your situation is fairly simple and you just need a reliable resource on demand, we provide general counsel at an hourly rate. If your association is currently represented by a Community Association Manager, this arrangement may be the best choice for you.

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General Counsel Flat Fee

For associations that require ongoing counsel services, PeytonBolin can create a customized arrangement that addresses your individual needs on an ongoing basis. Self managed associations often benefit most with this arrangement.

Collection Services

Pursuing past due fees or assessment can be uncomfortable for neighbors to deal with. Beyond that, the collection process must follow established Florida law. PeytonBolin provides two options for this type of service:

  • Standard – Hourly: Associations pay for each occurrence as it arises.
  • Safe Harbor Recovery: In our experience as association attorneys, we have found that Safe Harbor discounts (12 months or 1%) have been frequently misapplied and may be recoverable in some cases. It’s important to know that your association may be entitled to these previously written-off fees, often in substantial amounts. PeytonBolin PL is available to assist in the recovery of these funds.

Association Representation for Condominiums, HOAs and Cooperatives

One of the responsibilities of the board of directors of a common interest community is to establish legal representation, the same way a corporate board will hire an attorney to represent a business.

When you choose PeytonBolin to serve in that role, we represent your association in practically any legal matter that arises. In addition, we handle the day-to-day matters such as properly noticing board meetings, special meetings of owners, special assessment meetings, financial reporting, budget meetings, and covenant enforcement.

Community Association Law for Owners

If you find yourself at odds with your association or are unsure of your rights as a an owner within an association, PeytonBolin can assist you in negotiations, contract disputes or even lawsuits. contact us.

Condominium Termination Defense

If your condominium board is voting to terminate your condo and you don’t what to do, contact us.Click Here to Read the Wall Street Journal Article About Termination

Association Litigation and Defense

Before an owner in an HOA or a condo can take an issue to court, they must first go through mediation or arbitration. PeytonBolin can represent you in those instances and guide you through the process. Contact us to learn more.

Giannell title
“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore” – Mark Twain

Buying or selling real estate can be the most important transaction of your life! You can count on PeytonBolin to provide you clear guidance no matter the situation. The firm is managed by two real estate board certified attorneys and has a team of legal professionals that handle every aspect of the deal. From…

– Contract Review & Negotiation for Buyer or Seller

– Representation for Buyers or Sellers

– Breach of contract and escrow deposit disputes

– Refinancing

– Evictions

– Quiet Title

– Foreclosure

– Any real estate dispute that requires litigation!

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