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If that’s true, then we obviously care quite a bit about our clients. Because at PeytonBolin, we organize and teach a wide range of classes, each of which shares our extensive knowledge on how to run community associations with effectiveness and confidence.

And because we care enough to share, each class is free to board members, unit owners, property managers and anyone else that would like to join in.

If any of the courses below catch your eye, sign up on our events registration page.

CEU Courses

  • Board Certification for HOAs and Condos
  • Collections – Real Case Scenarios
  • Covenant Enforcement – How to Enforce Rules and Regulations
  • 2015 Legal Update
  • 2016 Legal Update
  • Risk Management and Insurance: More Than Just Buying Policies
  • What Boards Need to Know About Financial Statements
  • The Anatomy of an HOA/Condo Worker’s Compensation Claim

Non-CEU Courses

  • Board Member Certification
  • Condominium Elections – More Than the Election Packet
  • Not Your Ordinary Board Certification!!!
  • New Laws You Need to Know for Board Members- Legal Update 2015
  • New Laws for Board Members – Legal Update 2016
  • All About Elections for Board Members
  • Understanding the Marketable Record
  • Governing Smart – Mastering the Business of Your Association
  • Key Performance Indicators for Association Boards
  • Board Member Strategy & Alignment