Administrative Law

Are you involved in a real estate transaction?

Trying to understand how to be compliant with local government entities?

What about code enforcement considerations? Are you involved in a dispute with a neighbor about waste issues or property boundaries?

These matters can be complex and overwhelming when you have no experience with the law. But unfortunately, they may have serious consequences if you miss something or fail to act. What’s more, regulations and guidelines always seem to be changing. How do you keep up?

Your best bet is to work with a lawyer who can simplify these laws and processes.

What is administrative law?

Government agencies regularly create and update laws and regulations that you must follow in any real estate transaction or when managing a property. Code enforcement and zoning can be especially confusing areas of administrative law.

For example, when you buy a building or piece of land, there may be zoning restrictions governing how that property can be used, whether for residential or commercial purposes. Zoning laws aim to make communities more efficient and fairer but can sometimes be challenging to comply with.

Other common zoning issues include overlapping zones, disputes about property boundaries, or pollution and waste issues for a given area.

Common real estate administrative law issues include:

  • Complying with zoning regulations
  • Avoiding code violations
  • Assessing penalties and fines
  • Navigating related court proceedings
  • Managing liens

Why would you need an administrative law attorney?

It won’t be easy to deal with code enforcement and property laws on your own. A Florida attorney will help you understand all applicable laws for your situation. They will represent you in court, help you resolve a dispute, and respond to violation notices.

Each year there are updates to local laws created by government bodies, and it’s challenging to stay aware of everything without the help of a qualified legal professional.

How PeytonBolin can help

Are you facing any of these legal issues related to your property? The team at PeytonBolin is here to help.

Our experienced, board-certified real estate attorneys understand all the regulations and requirements that are applicable to your location in Florida. We simplify the law for you, breaking things down so you know the right steps to take.

Services we provide include the following:

  • Explain new or changing regulations
  • Ensure you are always in compliance
  • Help you manage and respond to code violations
  • Assist in zoning issues
  • Ensure you understand municipal fines and liens
  • Resolve disputes over property boundaries
  • Represent you in court
  • And much more!

When you’re trying to navigate these processes and guidelines, or if you’ve been notified of a violation, you may feel confused about how to move forward.

The team at PeytonBolin will make sure you understand all local, state, and federal laws related to your issue. Make sure you’re always in compliance by working with our experienced attorneys.

Never try to face these matters on your own. There may be conflicting information about your responsibilities on the web, so never take a chance. Administrative law attorneys will work tirelessly for you until you reach your desire outcome.

Contact the team at PeytonBolin to schedule a phone consultation or to learn more about the legal services we offer.

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